But I dont want to go back to school

Posted by Kevin O'Driscoll on September 3, 2013

How can I get myself to do what I need to do?

While we all took and some of us teach “time management” courses at some time in our adult life, it alway seemed so great in theory but horrible in practice and I never knew why. After speaking to many of my peers, I realized I was not alone in these feelings. We could get all pumped up to get organized, get focused and get going but it became one more thing we needed “to do” that day.

Well over the last couple of weeks I have been reading a book, “How can I get myself to do what I need to do?” as well as listening to several audios by a gentleman, Terry Gogna. I had the pleasure of spending a little time with him at a recent weekend business conference I attended with my family.

To be honest, getting the book started wasn’t the hard part as I understood his view and felt it was logical and beneficial for my life and business. Then came the 2nd and 3rd and 4th days that I needed to practice what I was taught and what I teach to my clients and my daughter…What matters most for now and for the future?

IF you want to change you life, you need to change your habits, to change your habits, you need to change your thinking and to change your thinking you need to change the inputs to your brain that effect those thoughts.

Yes the word “IF” is left capitalized because it you don’t want to change your life, if you are totally content with where you are and where you are going then by no means, waste your time. I might debate you on that mindset because of what you have not accomplished for others, not just yourself but again…its my opinion and like bellybuttons, we all have one.

Now if you were able to find a way to be successful in all areas of your life instead of just certain areas of your life, wouldn’t that be worth the effort to investigate.

Well, I challenge you to do so, take the time to read the book I have highlighted and implement the system that Terry outlines. You don’t need to buy his workbooks or CD’s if you don’t want, I don’t get anything financially so I don’t care if you buy it or not. Except that I feel that with all the people I meet every week, that are just like I was, saying…Im so busy, Im too busy, how can I get this all done and have a life could benefit from this simple system. I would recommend that you get the book as it has examples of his system that you can replicate and begin to use it in your life, it just makes it simpler than having to try to create it yourself. And by the way, how has that worked so far?


I’m writing this newsletter and blog because I felt that if I was able to help another business owner, heck person to be able to get more out of their lives that it would be a valuable effort. Over the last 17 years, I have investigated  many tools and invested countless hours in finding ways to have business owners be more efficient, more effective and ultimately more successful in their business and their lives but never until now did I realize what I was teaching them was only half right..

You can’t manage time, change it, slow it down, speed it up, you can only manage the events you choose within the hours you have. How you manage those events determines how successful you are at the end of the day, and at the end of your life.

What do you want people to remember about you that they cant possibly at this point in your life?

Perhaps a change is worth a shot!




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